You are probably reading this because you are interested in welcoming a Dane into your life or are already experiencing the companionship of this wonderful breed.


There has been a steady increase in Great Dane ownership in Dubai.  This is due to the expatriate population increasing with people entering the Emirates with their Great Danes, shops importing Great Danes from breeders in mainland Europe, illegal breeding here and Great Danes needing re-homing due to behavioural or health issues.  Due to their giant size there have also been a number of Danes needing to be rehomed due to their owners not realizing the substantial costs involved in exporting their dogs back into their home country.


All the above have contributed to a worrying sharp increase in the population of Great Danes in the United Arab Emirates.  Without substantial experience with dogs especially those of a giant breed owning a Great Dane can be quite daunting.  The Middle East has many pre-conceived ideas of dogs and this alone can be challenging for a typical dog owner let alone a dog that can be anything from 70-80kgs in weight.  Their imposing size can be quite intimidating and due to this the breed misunderstood.  We hope that your looking through this website will educate and enlighten you to the wonderful world of the Great Dane, their gentle nature, their endearing qualities, their fun, full on approach to life.  Health matters to be aware of, potential behavioural issues to be concerned of.  Health and nutrional information to take on board.  


All Great Danes rescued and re-homed by GDID are neutered, microchipped and vaccinated prior to re-homing. GDID is a resource group only of Great Dane enthusiasts.


Great Danes in Dubai is thankfully sponsored and supported by Homely Petz and Taste of the Wild.

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